Promising Results for New Malaria Vaccine in African Children A phase 3 clinical trial published in The Lancet provides strong evidence that a new malaria vaccine, R21/Matrix-M, is highly efficacious and safe in African children. The randomized controlled trial was conducted at sites across four sub-Saharan African countries from 2021-2022. Nearly 5000 children aged 5-36 months received three doses of the R21/Matrix-M vaccine or a control rabies vaccine.

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Cabo Verde eliminates malaria

by Gilbert Nakweya
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Malaria in 2022: Increasing challenges, cautious optimism

by Prasanna Jagannathan, Abel Kakuru
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In this project from the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology in Kenya and funded by the DELTAS Africa CPE Seed Fund, high school students were educated about malaria and scientific research, to inspire them to become ambassadors in their communities, and to go on to have careers in science.

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The Amazon biome is under severe threat due to increasing deforestation rates and loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services while sustaining a high burden of neglected tropical diseases. Approximately two thirds of this biome are located within Brazilian territory. There, socio-economic and environmental landscape transformations are linked to the regional agrarian economy dynamics, which has developed into six techno-productive trajectories (TTs).

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The authors aimed to estimate the cost-effectiveness of intermittent preventive treatment in pregnancy with dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine (IPTp-DP) versus IPTp-SP to prevent clinical malaria infection (and its sequelae) during pregnancy. Findings suggest that among HIV-negative pregnant women with high uptake of long-lasting insecticidal nets, IPTp-DP is cost-effective in areas with high malaria transmission and high sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine resistance. These data provide a comprehensive overview of the current evidence on the cost-effectiveness of IPTp-DP. Nevertheless, before a policy change is advocated, we recommend further research into the effectiveness and costs of different regimens of IPTp-DP in settings with different underlying sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine resistance.

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This blog style project reflection from Village Reach gives an introduction to the different aspects of their research project exploring barriers to vaccination in Mozambique.

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This article draws on qualitative data to explore the factors that led to high population coverage (>87%) of mass drug administration (MDA) as part of targeted malaria elimination (TME)* in the Greater Mekong sub-region of South East Asia. It looks at the community engagement and education activities (including health education through theatre, posters, village meetings, and house-to-house visits) were undertaken to promote the uptake of MDA in target communities.

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This article outlines Community Engagement efforts linked to a Targeted Malaria Elimination (TME) project in four Kayin State villages, in Myanmar where there is a real threat from the spread of drug resistant parasites. The Community Engagement programme was aimed at promoting population uptake and adherence to Mass drug administrations (MDA) in the region.

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