Here, you'll find a rich collection of videos that offer valuable insights, educational content, and expert perspectives on various aspects of malaria research and its global impact. Explore these videos to stay informed, inspired, and engaged in the ongoing efforts to combat and ultimately eliminate malaria.

Community Engagement: The Key to Malaria Prevention

This video by Abt Associate educates the community about how indoor residual spraying prevents malaria. Information, education, and communication campaigns were conducted using radio, village meetings, discussions with mothers at antenatal clinics, and door-to-door visits to increase acceptance of indoor residual spraying.

Genetic Engineering and Diseases – Gene Drive & Malaria

This video explores the revolutionary world of genetic engineering as it intersects with the battle against diseases. It delves into the cutting-edge concept of gene drive technology and its potential to combat malaria, offering insights into how science is reshaping the future of disease control.

The battle to end malaria

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in collaboration with non-profit organizations and Rotary clubs on two continents, is spearheading the global battle against malaria. With hundreds of thousands of lives at stake annually, this video shows how partnership is at the forefront of efforts to eradicate the disease and save countless lives.

Magnifying Malaria: Looking At Microscopy In Ghana

The primary focus of this video is on the Ghana Microscopy Project, which is likely a significant initiative aimed at combating malaria in Ghana. The video discusses the project's goals, strategies, and outcomes.

2018-19 Uganda Malaria Indicator Survey (UMIS) Dissemination Webinar

This video offers a comprehensive overview of the key findings and insights from the UMIS conducted during 2018-19. This informative webinar delves into the survey results, shedding light on the state of malaria in Uganda and its impact on public health.

Malaria - killer of children

An informative video highlighting the devastating impact of malaria on children in regions where the disease is endemic using real-life stories, expert interviews, and compelling statistics.

The Intersection of Malaria and Climate Change: Using Weather Data to Defeat Malaria

An informative webinar video that explores the dynamic relationship between malaria and climate change. It delves into the utilization of weather data as a tool to better understand and combat malaria in the context of shifting climate patterns.

UHAS World Malaria Day Webinar 2023

In collaboration with the Ghana National Malaria Elimination Programme, the Centre for Malaria Research at the University of Health & Allied Sciences organized a webinar. This timely message emphasizes the need for immediate action and increased investment to maximize the impact in the battle against malaria.

Leaving No One Behind with UNICEF

In this enlightening video, the Global Malaria and Health Partnership Advisor at UNICEF delves into the critical topic of why children and pregnant women are particularly susceptible to malaria. With expertise and authority, the advisor provides an in-depth discussion on the underlying reasons for this vulnerability, shedding light on the unique challenges faced by these two groups.

Malaria's Rising Toll in the COVID Shadow

This compelling video explores the resurgence of malaria amid the global COVID-19 pandemic. The video sheds light on how the focus on COVID-19 has unintentionally contributed to the increased burden of malaria in affected regions.

Malaria Lifecycle Part 1: Human Host (2016)

An educational video that delves into the intricate and critical stages of the malaria parasite's life cycle within the human host. Viewers can expect a detailed exploration of how the parasite enters, multiplies, and navigates the human body, shedding light on the complexities of this deadly disease.

WHO: Key facts about Malaria (Updated)

This video provides a concise and informative overview of essential facts regarding malaria as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO). The video is designed to give viewers a quick and accurate summary of malaria, covering key topics such as its causes, symptoms, prevention, and global impact.

Malaria: Better to prevent than to treat

This video promotes the idea that preventing malaria through strategies like bed nets, insecticide spraying, and medication is far more effective and cost-efficient than treating the disease once it has occurred.

The world’s newest weapon against malaria? Mosquitoes

An intriguing video that explores a novel approach in the battle against malaria. It delves into the concept of using genetically modified mosquitoes as a potential solution to reduce malaria transmission.

Rotarian Malaria Partner RMP Malaria 101 Webinar

An educational webinar that provides comprehensive information about the Rotarian Malaria Partner's (RMP) initiatives and their "Malaria 101" program. The video covers key topics related to malaria prevention, treatment, and the role of Rotary clubs in contributing to the global effort to combat the disease.

COVID-19 and the Fight to #EndMalaria

A thought-provoking video that explores the interplay between the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing efforts to combat malaria. This video sheds light on the challenges and opportunities that have emerged as the world grapples with a global health crisis while continuing the battle against malaria.

WHO: Nigeria, malaria and river blindness

This video showcases the vital role of community empowerment in tackling river blindness and malaria in Nigeria. It showcases the remarkable results of a WHO research study, demonstrating how community volunteers have played a pivotal role in doubling treatment coverage for these two prevalent diseases.

Fighting Malaria in Africa

This video focuses on the ongoing efforts and initiatives to combat malaria on the African continent. It highlights various strategies, interventions, and partnerships aimed at reducing malaria's impact on public health in African nations.

15 Years of Fueling the Fight to End Malaria in Africa

In this video, leaders from Kenya, Rwanda, Senegal, and Zambia join Vox's Dylan Matthews to discuss their collaborative efforts with the U.S. President's Malaria Initiative in working towards a malaria-free Africa. The discussion touches on their strategies, challenges, and progress in the fight against malaria.